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Styling and Heat Exposure Are Two Main Causes of Hair Damage; biOrganics Has Repair Solution

biOrganics’ range of moisturising, nourishing, natural hair care products is aiming to put an end to the two biggest causes of hair damage in the world. Their signature Salon Secrets range is targeting those with damaged hair with a range of natural shampoos, conditioning treatments and styling products in order to combat the damage caused by styling and heat exposure.

The two biggest contributing factors towards damaged hair, styling and heat exposure, have led to millions of women being dissatisfied with their dry, brittle and unmanageable locks. 45% of women in the US admitted they had spent their twenties ruining their hair by consistently exposing it to heat without the right protection, and by styling it with synthetic products that weren’t suitable. It is likely that these figures are replicated in the UK, where curling tongs and straightening irons are still commonly used on a daily basis, and numerous hair styling products are used to keep hair in place. biOrganics’ various different ranges offer a number of natural solutions to nourish hair and transform it from dull and lifeless back into the healthy, glossy mane it once was.

Natasha Wesley, owner of biOrganics says, “By far the most common hair problems faced by women are caused by the heat damage and over-styling that they often perform earlier in their lives. Systematic heat styling without the right protection and nourishment can damage hair in the long-term, and using products loaded with parabens and SLS can dry the hair out permanently. It is important for women who suffer from these hair issues to seek organic, natural shampoo, conditioner and styling products that will nourish and enrich their hair with the nutrients and protein that will see it transform into healthy, shiny, manageable tresses.”

The Salon Secrets range, which features an Argan oil conditioning treatment exclusive to biOrganics, is a prime example of a natural product helping to get vital moisture and nutrients back into the hair. Suitable for all hair types and most effective for those with dry, damaged hair, the treatment restores the hair’s natural elasticity, which contributes to a healthy shine and bounce. The pure vegetable protein ensures that the hair is nourished, and the essential oils of Ylang Ylang and organic Argan are beautifully scented for a spa-like treatment completely lacking in synthetic chemicals.

All of the products available from biOrganics, including the exclusive Salon Secrets range, are cruelty-free, which means no animal testing was carried out on the range, or any of the natural ingredients which go into it. Those with dry and damaged hair can be sure that they are replenishing their locks with a salon performance product, without worrying about the repercussions it might have on the environment and surrounding world; biOrganics offers healthy, natural hair care, the healthy, natural way.

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