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Hurricane Hair? Not A Problem for biOrganics!

The wet and windy weather which has swept the nation this week has left many women fearing for their office chignons and their neatly parted boho waves. The winter weather can do horrible things to hair, with constant exposure to rainwater drying it out and the wind encouraging split ends and brittle strands.

If you have noticed your ponytail has gone a little limp or your curls have lost some of their lustre as a result of the recent weather, biOrganics has the solution. Their Salon Secret Replenishing Treatment is perfect for women whose tresses have been whipped around and thoroughly wet by the horrid weather; full of natural, replenishing ingredients, the conditioning treatment revitalises and hydrates hair – in a good way! It can be difficult to imagine that rainwater can actually dry out the hair, but the chemicals and compounds that are in a lot of rainwater can be fairly damaging to locks. Combine this with vicious wind, cold weather, and an increase in central heating, and you have a potent recipe for lank, tired, dry and frizzy hair.

Smooth the biOrganics solution through clean, wet hair, leave it for around 5-10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly for hair that is noticeably glossier and healthier. Free from SLS and parabens, the treatment is kind to hair, enriching it with nutrients rather than stripping it of all the natural goodness that it needs to look fabulous. The treatment is also cruelty-free, so you can be sure that it hasn’t damaged the environment in making it to your bathroom, nor has it been tested on any animals.

With argan oil, vegetable proteins, sunflower seed extract and a number of other natural ingredients, the cruelty-free Salon Secrets treatment is perfect to combat dry, damaged and frizzy hair that reacts to drizzle and gales. Use it as a once per week treatment or work it into your hair cleansing routine for hair that can withstand anything St Jude has to throw at it!

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