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Conditioners & Treatments

Bring hair to life with natural conditioner

Once you have cleansed your hair with one of our specialist natural shampoos, we recommend that you follow up with a conditioner that respects and nourishes your hair in the same way. Our complete range of natural conditioners are entirely free from SLS and artificial colours and fragrances, ensuring that every wash will result in healthy, fresh, revitalised hair with salon performance results.

For best results, use a natural conditioner after cleansing hair with one of our natural shampoos, then follow up with a nourishing treatment that will leave locks healthy, strong and full of life. At biOrganics we have put more than 20 years of research into ensuring our range of natural hair products caters for every hair type, whether you are fighting brittle, dry strands or trying to overcome excessively oily roots.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Products Are Free From...

Sodium Lauryl And Laureth Sulphates (Sls)

Artificial Dyes & Fragrances

Polyethylene Glycol (Peg)

Animal Cruelty

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