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Revitalise hair with natural shampoo

Cleansing is the foundation to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair; it is what gives our hair its strength and manageability, whilst ensuring it is restored to its natural state, free from build-up and residue. At biOrganics we boast a complete range of natural shampoo for every hair type, whether you have curly tresses or poker-straight locks, oily roots or dry and brittle ends. Choose the product that will benefit your hair and reap the rewards of using natural, organic ingredients that are enriched with vitamins and fortifying minerals, as well as luxuriant oils and natural serums.

Our collection of natural, paraben-free shampoo is entirely devoid of artificial colours, fragrances and other chemicals that can prevent the hair from being restored to its fresh, healthy, organic state with every wash. We guarantee that our products are completely free from unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. Made up of only the finest natural ingredients, our cleansing shampoos help to improve shine and strength, with a visible difference after one wash. Hair will feel nourished, revitalised and healthy, ready to face whatever the world has to throw at it.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Products Are Free From...

Sodium Lauryl And Laureth Sulphates (Sls)

Artificial Dyes & Fragrances

Polyethylene Glycol (Peg)

Animal Cruelty

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